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Zip Car Essay

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ZipCar Marketing Case Write-Up

ZipCar provides a low-cost alternative to car ownership, traditional car rental services and other vehicle leasing programs. ZipCar operates a subscription based model. Members are required to pay annual fees that would in affect grant them the right to reserve a car at a pre-specified time. ZipCar is headquartered in Boston and commenced operations in 1999; by 2005 it became the largest active car-sharing company in the United States with over 30,000 registered customers1. ZipCar provides a convenient service for individuals who either (i) do not own or could not afford a car, (ii) instances where cost of inconvenience is too high ( i.e. parking, ...view middle of the document...

Customers stand to benefit tremendously from the flexibility in reserving a car unlike traditional car rental services, prices did not fluctuate greatly if cars were reserved minutes before use. Each ZipCar was assigned a permanent parking space. All Memberships included a ZipCard that customers used to unlock their reserved cars. ZipCar members would pay hourly fee that would include, insurance and gas. Members who washed their cars would receive an additional free hour. The option to rent a car by the hour is an added benefit for customers, who may only require use of the car for just a few hours. Traditional car rental services charge by the day so if a customer only needed the car for an hour he or she would be charged a flat daily rate ranging from $30-$60 as opposed to paying an hourly rate of $8.50 in the state of North Carolina1.


ZipCar has established a unique network of public parking lots to house their fleet of vehicles across the United States. ZipCar would only pay to occupy a few parking spots. ZipCar has cleverly forged strong partnerships with universities which have granted ZipCar various assigned parking spaces for their fuel efficient vehicles in order for the university to meet their ‘green’ initiatives. Students and faculty would still be required to pay usage and membership fees should they desire to use the ZipCars. ZipCar has subtly provided the user with incentives to be a collaborator, for example members who wash their reserved cars upon return are either refunded $15 or granted an additional free hour of usage. The Customers are also responsible for returning the cars to the same exact locations where the cars were picked up. ZipCar operates a business model where the onus of responsibility lies mostly...

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