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Zoos Essay

1892 words - 8 pages

Lauren Azbell
Mr. Vaszily
English 101-146
7 Dec. 2012
The confinement that zoos provide for the animals often causes many issues, resulting to show that zoos are not an appropriate care system for animals. Zoos have always been a main attraction for people since the ancient times, and ever since then we as humans have declared some sort of power over these animals. Around the world zoos are becoming more common by allowing humans to come in close measures of fascinating “wild” animals. But behind the scenes of the zoo's habitats, animals do not live the long and healthy life as some would think. It is very expensive to be able to maintain the upkeep of such extravagant creatures ...view middle of the document...

Animals that have been involved in these problems were unwilling to carry a baby. And just like all animals, including humans, carrying a baby takes a toll on your body and needs care during pregnancy. If those needs are not met during the pregnancy by the mother, it will result in predicaments later on. Nonetheless, other species of animals will mate on their own causing a surplus of that species at the zoo: “surplus animals are the unwanted animals for which there is no more space” (Zoos). The animals that reproduce on a regular basis will soon come to be a problem when the zoo could no longer uphold the amount of care needed for the increasing number of animals. Seeing that there are too many animals for the already limited space the zoo could afford, animals must be sold or killed in the worst scenarios. A deadly fate will be in the future of some of these creatures who are sold to some dealers that use them at hunting ranches or exotic meat stores (Zoos). In addition to the different cases of breeding, endangered species breeding also takes place at zoos. From an outsider point of view this is a helpful act that the zoo is preforming in saving species in the wild that are going extinct. However, the endangered animal programs do not lead to success in most occasions: “[t]his is because zoos don't provide the right environment for a successful captive breeding project” (Zoos). The problem with throwing captive animals back into the wild is that it is accustomed to being cared for by humans. In order for the endangered species programs to succeed in transferring the animals successfully into the wild, difficult changes would have to take place. Human contact would have to be minimal to allow the animal to gain a natural social balance and a suitable gene pool along with having their habitats match their natural environments with means of the climate and fauna (Zoos). For this process to work, it would be very difficult to match up to all the animals needs without humans interfering. Proper habitat care is hard to grant the animals while interfering with the animal's life.
Without doubt, the zoo's decorative habitats do not accommodate to the needs of the animal. The zoo's habitats have advanced from previous years of poorly resembling the habitat to now giving a more visual effect to the animals. But the design of the cage is not a transforming factor in the animal’s lives. They are still in a small area with painted backgrounds and fake foliage. The reforming of the zoo's habitats did not go far enough says Michael D. Lemonick, a writer for Time Magazine: “those natural-looking habitats are just an illusion created to enhance the visitor's experience” (Lemonick). For the visitor's pleasure, zoos have redesigned the viewing areas by creating trenches instead of high fences to keep the animals out but still allowing a better view. Unfortunately animals have fallen into these ditches and come out with injuries or even died during these...

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